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One and one and one makes three

...they come together

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Hello, and welcome to mpp_ot3, which is a community for lovers and admirers of a James/Remus/Sirius threesome from the Harry Potter book series. Things that are allowed in this community are:

* Fanfiction, G - NC-17.
* Fanart, G - NC-17.
* General discussion of the threesome.
* Websites.
* Fic or art recs.
* RP journals for any of the three characters.

Things that are not allowed are:

* Quiz results.
* Posts not relating to James/Remus/Sirius in any way.
* Fanfiction or fanart for anything other than James/Remus/Sirius (there are other communities for that).
* Community promotions about anything other than James/Remus/Sirius.

Please keep all posts here centered on James/Remus/Sirius. Remus/Sirius, Remus/James, and James/Sirius are all delightful pairings, but if the third boy doesn't make an appearance of some kind, please post in a different community.

The mods for this community are rynne and latentfunction. Address any questions or concerns you have regarding this community to them.

Other rules:

Please post all fics using this header:
Any notes/warnings you may have:

And please post art and all fics, regardless of length, behind cuts. The tags for cuts, in case you don't know, are < lj-cut text = "whatevery you want to say" > < / lj-cut > only without all the spaces. Also, please mention any squicks in the author's notes.

This is a slash threesome community about fictional characters, so keep that in mind when deciding to join. Also keep in mind that some fics/art posted here may be of an adult nature, and will be rated accordingly.

Now remember, this is supposed to be a fun community, so let's all play nice and keep discussion topical--namely James/Remus/Sirius and all the derivatives thereof.

The animated community icons were made by thistlerose and the stationary one by imochan. Thank them!

All fic/art posts can be found in the memories section.

Really, that's about it. Now just have fun!

Banner made by lyotto.

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